Consumer Behavior

For which products does ownership differ the most across the ethnic groups (Table 5A)?  Why is this the case?
Use the DDB data in Table 5B to examine differences in the following characteristics across ethnic subcultures.  What might explain these differences?
Enjoy shopping for items influenced by other cultures.
Religion is a big part of my life.
Try to maintain a youthful appearance.
When making family decisions, considerations of kids comes first.
There is not enough ethnic diversity in commercials today.
Want to look a little different from others.
Using the questions provided, please write a 2-3 page report (in essay format) detailing your analysis of the case. Use the following format:

Double-spaced Microsoft Word document using 1 inch left and right margins.
Formatted following APA formatting rules.
Integrate Consumer behavior theory from the textbook and other sources.
Provide a reference page and in-text citations.
Enter page numbers on all pages, including the first page.
Spell check and proofread your report

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