Constitutional Law and Politics

The question should answer by using e-books. On page890. Federalism chapter

1. Would you consider yourself a Dual Federalist or a Cooperative Federalist?  Explain your answer.

2. Do you think that the 10th Amendment has diminished in importance over time?  Explain.

3. When thinking about Federalism and the powers of the state and the national government, why is it important that the states be allowed to make its own policies?  Or, do you think that Federalism is an anachronism of our history and should be abolished?

4. When thinking about the future of Federalism, what are some things that might shape the relationship between the national government and the state governments, and who stands to gain-the states or the national government?  It might be helpful to think about such things as current events, economic and social issues, the changing demographics of the country, the make-up of the Court, the various state fiscal policies, and attempts by the Federal government to make policy using “fiscal federalism”.  These factors are not a complete list to take into consideration.  You can use judicial philosophies and Court cases (and current events) to help you think about this question

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