Conflict Resolution in Leadership

You are in graduate school and currently learning about conflict resolution.  You want to move into a leadership role in your organization. Develop a conflict resolution policy, procedures, and training for your hospital organization.

This paper should include:
    Introduction to the topic of conflict
    a brief discussion about what workplace conflict is and why a policy is important.
    policy and procedures for resolving conflict, and
    a proposed outline for training topics.

This paper should:
    Be approximately 4-5 pages long, double-spaced (1000-1200 words)
    Include a title and reference page not included in the page count
    Exclude sources older than 5 years
    Include 4-5 references from the required readings and other scholarly references found.
    Include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion

Required references:

Douglas, M., Howell, T., Nelson, E., Pilkington, L., & Salinas, I. (2015). Improve the function of multigenerational teams (Links to an external site.). Nursing Management, January, 11-13.

Grubaugh, M., & Flynn, L. (2018). Relationship among nurse manager leadership skills, conflict management, and unit teamwork (Links to an external site.). The Journal of Nursing Administration, 48(7/8), 383-388. 

Mitchell, R., Parker, V., Giles, M., & Boyle, B. (2014). The ABC of health care team dynamics: Understanding complex affective, behavioral, and cognitive dynamics in interprofessional teams (Links to an external site.). Health Care Management Review, 39(1), 1-9. Doi: 10.1097/HCM.0b013e3182766504.

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