Conflict Analysis

The Conflict
The conflict(s) you will analyze can be found in the episode of Million Dollar Listing: New York titled “Bailing on the Bully,” season 1, episode 6. 
To complete this assignment, you should:

1.    Select at least one conflict from the Million Dollar Listing: New York episode watched in class.
2.    Diagnosis/Analysis – Provide a description, diagnosis, and analysis of the conflict or conflicts – In this section you should give an overview of the conflict(s) and specific concerns you noted regarding this conflict. As you discuss the issues in the conflict, identify concepts/theories that describe and help explain the elements in the conflict. You will need to integrate at least two sources (scholarly or otherwise.tend to credibility)  beyond what is provided in the text.  This section should provide the reader with a solid grounding for understanding how the theory can be applied to conflicts and how the theory is related to communication.  (3-4 pages double-spaced)
Specific concerns in your report might include:
a.    What are the issues in the conflict?
b.    What Psychological, Social and Contextual factors operate in the conflict?
c.    Do these conflicts seem to move through stages (e.g. negotiation or Pondy)?
d.    Do styles, gender, or culture influence this interaction?
e.    What role may power play in the conflict?
f.    Is face-saving a potential issue in this conflict?
g.    What is the climate in this situation?
h.    How do the individuals manage the conflict? Is the conflict productive? Could the individuals do better?

Do not just list answers to these questions in your report. These are some of the issues you might address.  I do not want a mechanical analysis. I want to be able to see that you understand the conflict and applied concepts.

3.    Remedy – Here you will develop suggestions to help the individuals deal with the conflict more effectively. This section will consist of general goals or objectives for improving the conflict and specific, concrete suggestions for achieving these objectives. You will need to integrate at least one source (scholarly or otherwise..tend to credibility) beyond what is provided in the text.  This section should provide the reader with a solid grounding for understanding how concepts can be applied to conflicts and how theory is related to communication.  You must substantiate why your measures would work and are appropriate for the chosen conflict. (2-3 pages, double-spaced)

Grading Considerations:
    Format: 5-7 double-spaced, numbered pages.
    At least 3 sources cited outside of the textbook (2 for the diagnosis and 1 for the remedy). Use APA in-text citations.
    No cover page necessary.
    Insight/Depth: A demonstration that you have a clear understanding of the nature of the conflict process in your chosen conflict and of the concepts and theories discussed.
    Evidence: Do you provide evidence for your claims? Do you cite your sources (including the class text) appropriately? Please use APA citation format.
    Utility: Could the group/pair implement the recommendations you have made?
    Clarity: Is the paper well-organized and clearly written? (mechanics of writing, sentence structure, spelling, etc.)
    Sophistication of concepts/theories applied:  Do the chosen concepts effectively and specifically describe and give insight into the conflict under analysis?  Are there more appropriate concepts that may be applied?

To summarize, I am looking for your ability to select concepts and theories in your diagnosis/analysis that provide the most insight into the variables enacting themselves in the conflict (what is causing this conflict). As a result of your selections, you should be able to make a connection between your diagnosis and potential remedies. In other words, your analysis of the conflict should naturally lead into the solution(s).

For example, if you apply a stage model to your chosen conflict (Pondy, for example), then be sure to identify how applying the distinct stages/phases assists in identifying a particular solution.

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