Concepts on humanistic nursing

Discuss what is meant by nursing as a human science and how the philosophy and mission of Lehman College relates to your ideas of nursing as a human science.  (15 points at least one paragraph).

Select one concept that stood out to you this semester. Concepts may include but are not limited to: Humanism, Humanistic Nursing Theory, Call and response, Intersubjectivity, Individuality, Interpersonal relationships, Ethics, principles, codes, rights, responsibility, Professionalism, competence, autonomy, etc. Discuss what this concept means and why it is important to nursing practice and the nursing profession. Discuss how this concept reflects the value and meaning that you hold about your practice of nursing (40 points at least three paragraphs)

Revisit your nursing philosophy and discuss how it has changed (or not changed) since you began this course (20 points at least one paragraph)

Appropriate APA format and references required (10 points)

No errors in grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and spelling (15 points)

This paper should not exceed 3 pages in length


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