comprehensive geriatric assessment

MN584 unit 2 Assignment

Geriatric Assessment and Findings Variance from Adult Assessment

Create a PowerPoint presentation in which the student selects a specific theory of aging from the readings, and compares it to the unique attributes and variations found in the comprehensive geriatric assessment (functional, ADLs, IADLs, cognition, nutrition, continence, etc.) and why these are important attributes to assess in this population. Also include any other family, caregivers, and healthcare team members that may be essential for the older adult and why.

For this assignment, you will present your PowerPoint presentation that:

is 1214 slides in length (including title and references slide);
includes clip art, animation, cartoons, pictures; and
is supported with a minimum of 5 scholarly, peer-reviewed sources from the past 5 years, external to those assigned for this unit.

**Also, Please follow and answer questions in grading rubric for this assignment***

*** The theory I choose is Immune theory of aging***

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