comprehensive business letter to the Board of Directors.

Final Exam, S21
Clifford Anderson
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I receive comments for clarification on exams as a normal part of the process.  When a question and my response need to be shared, I post it so that everyone has access to this information to prepare for the exam.

Question:  “Should I frame the final as an essay or a resume?” “There are no solid examples under “files,” nor exact examples in the course work that we have learned so far.”

Response:  “The final exam is a comprehensive business letter to the Board of Directors.  In the past, I labeled the document a “letter of interest” to the Board of Directors, and some students would send a one(1) page response that would be the typical Letter of Interest they learned in prior classes.  This is NOT the typical Letter of Interest you might have learned in a previous class.  This is also NOT a resume.”

“The final exam is a business letter to the Board of Directors that allows you to present your command of the content, your experience, and the vision you have for the company looking forward as justification for you being named the CEO of the company.  You have a great deal of flexibility in presenting your case in convincing the Board of Directors that you are the right person for the job.  It will include some content found in a resume, but it is not formatted as a resume.  It is a business letter, and your “story” should flow like a vehicle that meets the objectives of the final exam as specified in the Vision and Qualification Document provided.  You need to decide exactly, in your mind, what is being required.”

Also, the attachment has the instruction

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