Because this is an English class, your analysis and interpretation should be grounded in the language the authors use to convey their meaning.  Therefore, you should analyze specific words and phrases from the passages you quote so that its clear how the words on the page support your point and thesis.  Paraphrase can be helpful but its not analysis. Analysis means breaking down into component parts and explaining how those component parts contribute to a broader meaning.  Try to be as specific as possible when analyzing literary techniques and their influence on the reader.  For example, if a particular image seems intended to evoke a particular emotion in a character or the reader, specify the emotion that a specific aspect of the image is intended evoke.
    Be sure to organize your paper systematically around the assignment.  A paper that fails to directly address the assignment will not be given credit.  Since this is a comparison paper, each paragraph should be organized around a specific comparison or contrast.  In a comparison paper you should ALWAYS BE COMPARING.

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