Comparing News Sources about Coronavirus Vaccine

The objective of this assignment is to apply course readings, concepts, and themes to a comparative analysis of news media texts from the current semester. You can compare two mainstream media outlets or one mainstream media outlet and one alternative media channel from any country; however, translations might be needed for non-English news stories. The paper should be 3500 words, excluding your appendices, footnotes, and/or references. Your paper must be within the word limit, word-processed, double-spaced, and accompanied by an appendix that includes the news materials used in your analysis. In an effort to assist you with the writing of this paper, your TA will provide detailed written feedback on your proposal. As such, this feedback should be incorporated into your final assignment. More grading guidelines for your final paper can be found in the Grading Criteria section below.

Length:3500 words, excluding appendices, footnotes and references.  Provide a word count for the body of your paper on the title page.
Format: All papers must be word-processed, in 12-point font, paginated and double-spaced and use APA referencing system.
Media Research Materials: You must use mainstream media content mostly current in this semester.  As previously noted, some broadening of your sample of news texts in terms of temporal scope may be possible, subject to approval by the instructor or TA. After consulting with them, you may want to include diasporic media published in Canada or elsewhere. Other alternative media sources are welcomed.
Appendix: Papers must include an appendix that includes all news materials substantively used in the analysis.  This must include a minimum of 10 articles and/or summary descriptions of radio or TV items that you will use in your analysis (5 from your chosen mainstream media outlet and 5 from another one or from your chosen alternative media outlet).
Academic Research Materials:  Beyond the aforementioned media research materials, you much also cite and engage with a minimum of 8 quality, relevant academic, i.e.) peer-reviewed, sources. Please note that the required course readings and slides, which you can freely cite, do not count as part of the above required sources.
Title Page: Papers must have a title page that includes the students name and student number.  *If you would like extensive and detailed feedback on your work, please note this clearly on your title page. If you do not make note of this on your title page you will not receive extensive and detailed feedback throughout your paper, but rather a paragraph summarizing the TAs overall feedback.


I have already came up with a topic that has been approved by the TA. You can find my paper proposal below in the attachments.

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