Comparative Analysis Salesforce

The paper is an overall analysis of the HR practices of the company Salesforce,  and should include an introduction and analysis of the HR-related practices of the company, and a conclusion as well. You will need to compare and contrast the best practices with two other companies: Target and T-Mobile.  The paper should highlight best practices at Salesforce, but then compare them to  Target and T-Mobile. In addition to great practices,  be sure to explain some problems and root causes; and, Identify company practices that contributed to the problems. There must also be citations from SCHOLARLY Journals and resources. At least use of 3-4 different references. The HR-related areas of focus are:
-Recruitment and Hiring Process
    -How they advertise positions, who are they looking for?
    -Hiring Process
-Compensation and Benefits
      -Paid Time Off and other benefits
-Diversity & Inclusion
      -Diversity Groups/ Employee Resource Groups

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