Community Grant Proposal Project

Scenario:  You work for an agency called Hope 4 All.  You have been tasked with writing a grant to acquire funds for a new community program of your choosing.  While researching, you come across a funding source called Jatau Family Foundation that is funding grants worth up to $10,000.  Your boss asks you to research and write a grant proposal for your agency.  For this project, you are able to choose the type of agency that Hope 4 All is, and you get to create a program, service, or focus that the grant money would fund.
You are also able to make up the agency address, contact information, and any other organization information that you may need to.

    The written proposal must include the following:

    Title Page/Cover Sheet
    Abstract/Executive Summary/Introduction
    Literature Review (see pg. 164)
    Needs/Problem Statement
    Goals and Objectives
    Program Design/Methods/Strategies
    Evaluation Plan
    Organizational Information
    Programs Budget and Budget Narrative
    Other Funding/Sustainability

Below I attached the instructions and grading rubric.

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