Common Disabilities Project

Reflecting on:
Down Syndrome
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury
Cerebral Palsy

In paragraph-form, write a 1-2 page paper addressing the following:
A. How has this research increased your background knowledge on the etiology (causes of a disorder) and symptomatology
(combined symptoms of a disease) of common developmental disabilities and how they impact the various domains of
development? In other words, what impact has this assignment had on your awareness of how children are affected in
various ways by the disabilities they possess?
B. What surprising realizations about your role in the education of children with disabilities came up while you were
completing this assignment? How will you apply your new knowledge or perspective to your own classroom?
C. Do you see this as valuable information for your colleagues in the field of early childhood education? If so, how might
you share this information with them?
D. How will you ensure that you stay abreast of current best practices in specia

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