Come up With a Snazzy (Original) Topic

In this essay, you will make an argument based on your research and support your own analysis of the issue with outside resources. For help with this assignment, consult the chapter MLA Style for Documenting Sources 500-528 in The Bedford Guide.

Problem and Thesis
You shall keep the specific topic that you discussed but on which you can take a position as well. You will need to make an argument and research both sides of the argument in order to hone your own ideas. You will take a stand, arguing one side with support from outside sources and make a critical assertion about this topic. Your thesis should reflect your stance on this issue and hint at the question of so what? (I.e. the implications of your stance on this argument) that you will elaborate upon in the conclusion.

Argument and Support
Because you will be using one specific topic as the basis for your argument, you will need to continue researching before you write to be sure that you have a solid understanding of the issues involved. You should explain both sides of the argument objectively before subjectively taking a stand on one side, supporting your ideas with sources. Your conclusion should briefly summarize your stance and suggest larger implications of your conclusions about the argument.

Use of Sources
You will need to find a source per page. This does not mean that you should use only one source per page, but this rule of thumb will give you enough research from which you can argue. Essentially, you will have at least four sources. Sources should not only support your argument. You should use your sources as points with which you can disagree. Try to weave your sources seamlessly into your writing. You should quote and paraphrase your sources in order to enhance your paper using correct MLA citation techniques.

Organization is critical to the logos of any argument. Topic sentences should be clear and relate back to thesis. Organize your ideas so that they make sense to your audience and the argument you are making (i.e. Chronological, Point-Counterpoint, etc.). Each paragraph must transition into the next, and I strongly advise you not to force such a transition. These transition sentences should flow naturally if your paragraphs are a natural organization of your ideas.

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