Code of Ethics for the USa

I want you to develop a comprehensive Code of Ethics that you feel should be adopted throughout this nation. There are so many difficult issues going on right now. How should the USA as a country operate?  Do not copy and paste something you find online.  Do not try to re-write the Constitution.  Spend time thinking about a Code of Ethics that is based on what you’ve learned about them in this class.  Come up with several main topics you’d like to see this country abide by.

How should our cities and citizens operate? This is not meant to be about a business.  This is about the USA! What is right and wrong with our ethical framework as a country? What would you change or keep the same? Please use what you have learned throughout the semester in various categories (legal, moral, national, local, cultural, etc) to expound upon your opinions. This is your chance to analyze, evaluate, and make changes to the ethical framework of the USA, both in your personal and professional points of view.

Remember this assignment is worth 50 points and cannot be dropped. You should take time to make sure it is written well, without errors or grammatical mistakes. It should be a minimum of two pages and a maximum of five pages (single spaced, standard margins).  Be careful not to repeat yourself.  The document should be succinct, clear and represent a summary of your book learning and your own opinions about this country and how the ethics could/should change. Please know I am the only ones that will read this, so speak freely! I am very interested to read your opinions.

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