Coaching or Mentoring Plan

In upload I put both of the guidelines. Needs to be 7-10 pages APA “You will prepare a coaching or mentoring plan that incorporates critical thinking for an organization or work group” Book Is “Appreciative Coaching : A Positive Process for Change” Five sections with subheadings. Analysis of Organizational Needs Plan (How will coaching and mentoring be applied) Evaluation (How will we determine if we are successful) Critical Thinking (How critical thinking is incorporated and why) References Purpose Identify the challenges and needs of a specific organization and apply the principles of coaching or mentoring. Criteria Content (50 points) Topic clearly relates to course content. Entire organization of paper clearly connects to coaching and mentoring. Literature citations are legitimate and appropriate. Deviation from topic will result in a 50-point penalty. Thorough discussion of organizational needs. Thorough discussion of coaching and/or mentoring applications for this organization. Creative application of course content to the case. Style (25 points) Standard rules of spelling, grammar, & punctuation. Clear, coherent, and appropriate wording APA style Organization (25 points) Five distinct sections of the paper are used with the following subheadings. 1. Analysis of Organizational Needs 2. Plan 3. Evaluation 4. Explanation and description of how this plan incorporates critical thinking skills, including the specific skills chosen for development. 5. References The paper flows logically The paper does not contain irrelevant or distracting information. The topic is developed fully Critical Thinking (40 points) The plan identifies specific critical thinking skills for development The plan connects those skills to organizational goals The plan provides suitable methods to develop those skills

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