Climate Change

Each question should be addressed in the form of a paragraph (3-5 sentences each):

Why do you think CO2 concentrations are generally higher in the Northern Hemisphere, as shown in the CO2 models?

Tell us about your favorite Ted Talk. What made you feel hopeful after watching this? After all, change can happen at all income levels and scales — personal, community, state, national, global. (It needs to be a ted talk based on climate change.)

What are some creative actions you can reasonably take, on a tight student budget, to curtail (reduce) CO2 emissions or make positive changes with regard to the environment and its ecosystem? Think outside the box here if you can. Implementing solar panels and driving electric vehicles are always good ideas, but they may not be feasible on a student budget. Recycling is a good suggestion, but it is an obvious one, and there are also costs associated with that with regard to the environment (think about the giant plastic garbage heaps you’ve heard about that are floating in the world’s oceans). Big or small, any suggestions can help make a difference!

((It does not need to be 2 pages, I put 2 pages just incase.))

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