IMPROVE AND UPDATE the research paper draft (Doc attached) by strictly APPLYING the recommendations below:

I-    Add a Minimum Number of New (Further) Resources to this draft:
    Scholarly : 1
    Documentary: 1
    Recent reliable articles from periodicals: 2 (use the 2 articles proposed below)
II-    Apply the remarks below to the draft
Remark 1:
–    You may want to adopt a term that is less gender-polarizing than “man” for your discussion of what can be understood. We often use terms such as “layperson” or “laypeople” to distinguish the ordinary reader from a highly sophisticated scientific reader or expert
Remark 2:
–    Add to the paper discussion of carbon dioxide levels recorded in ice, and the correlation between industrialization and the continuous modern increase in CO2 and other greenhouse gases that are now in abundant evidence in cores. This spike begins in about 1780 and correlates with increased coal burning throughout Europe, and continues with the advent of petroleum.

Remark 3:-
–    add a new paragraph to advocate strongly for increased grade-school curriculum development dedicated to climate science, focusing on the use of ice cores as an excellent and comprehensible “proxy record” and thus teaching tool for children.
–    Also Include the importance of education of the next generation as a key to addressing climate change through knowledge and deep understanding, this will lead the paper to have a resounding conclusion/set of recommendations. It will be enhanced when your argument for clarity is applied directly to solving climate change through educating youths/the generation that will inherit the Earth from ours!

two articles:

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