client’s right

-What is your response to the daughter in the scenario? Write your response as if you were speaking to the daughter directly. Next, explain the reasoning behind your response.

Scenario: The video starts with the nurse at bedside with a client and the clients daughter. The client tells the nurse that she is in bad pain and states that I cannot do this anymore when the nurse asked the patient how she is feeling. After some pain management was offered, the patient indicates that she would like to discontinue her chemotherapy and that it has been too much for her to handle. After the patient states this, the daughter asks the nurse to step outside to talk to her. After the daughter and the nurse steps outside but the daughter stops the nurse and says that patient has no idea what she is talking about and that she believes that the chemotherapy should not be stopped and that it should just continue.

-You are required to use and cite at least one academic source.
-Use current APA Style.

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