Civility and Communication (Social Media and Technology)

Research Topic
youll be building one final academic research paper to highlight the wealth of information you . As part of your degree plan, you were asked to concentrate in several areas (multidiscipline). Your research paper must address a profession-related issue from at least two discipline perspectives. These disciplines come from courses you have taken either as electives or concentrations.

In developing your topic, think of something you are passionate about. For example, a nursing student might be interested in work conditions; specifically – why do nurses experience burnout. The student might interweave Psychology and Business and write a paper about The effects of overtime on nursing burnout (see more examples).
This week, you will share your discipline background and describe potential topics for your research.
    Introduce yourself and identify the multiple disciplines you studied as either electives or a concentration.
    How have these disciplines influenced you as a member of your community, and as an employee and/or employer.
    List at least two disciplines you plan to interweave in your research (Discipline 1: XXXXXX, Discipline 2: XXXXXX).
    Share two different profession-related research topic ideas that interweave these disciplines and describe why you are interested in these topics.

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