Citizen Review of Police

A common theme is emerging in both the study of criminal justice as well as among practitioners and government officials that the criminal justice system is in need of reform. One suggestion, although not a new one, is to re-examine citizen oversight/review of police. 

Part 1 –  Based on findings from the academic literature, assess the utility of citizen oversight in reform.  You may find it useful to examine the NCJ report that describes the different types of oversight,

Part 2 Reform of any kind is often difficult for many reasons, including political buy-in (i.e. getting politicians to support changing codes/legislation), buy-in from citizens, and buy-in from criminal justice actors, in this case, law enforcement agencies and officers. 
How would you propose buy-in from all of these entities to enact civilian review?

Please note that this is not asking your opinion of civilian review.  I am asking you to examine the literature and devise the most effective form of citizen review based on your reading of that literature.  Steer clear of online resources and professional publications that are opinion-based and/or not founded in the research of some form.

The key is to make sure you have thoroughly answered all parts of the question. Be sure that your final product is in the correct APA format and that you include both in-text citations and a reference page in APA format.

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