our study of technology and the  Benedictine Values  that we hold dear at the University of Mary, please discuss  what insights  any of the below Benedictine Values offer to our relationship to technology (technology being defined loosely as Computer and Digital technology

Benedictine Experience: “Although communal life inspired by the Rule of St. Benedict stores a vast treasury of Benedictine values, six of these are of particular importance for our life here at the University of Mary Father James P. Shea, President, University of Mary

Community Striving together for the common good and growing in relationship with God, one another, and self [Rule of Benedict 33 “Let all things be common to all.”l
Hospitality Receiving others as Christ with warmth and attentiveness [Rule of Benedict
Moderation Honoring all of God’s creation and living simply with balance and gratitude [Rule of Benedict 31 “Regard all things as sacred and do everything with moderation.”]
Prayer- Attending to the mystery and sacredness of life, abiding in the divine presence, listening and responding to God [Rule of Benedict 4 “Listen intently to holy readings. Give yourself frequently to prayer.” ]

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