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SOC300 Final Paper Instructions and Rubric
*three files attach previously written paper
For your final exam, you will be using the 3 papers youve written in this class to produce a 9-12 page paper on the topic youve been exploring all semester. Your paper should include the following components:

An introduction that presents a strong argument about the topic at hand
Exploration of some of the existing literature on the subject (at least 5 ACADEMIC articles or books)
An analysis of one quantitative and one qualitative study that supports your argument
A theoretical exploration of your topic and argument
A strong conclusion
A works cited page
Essentially, you should weave together the 3 papers youve written this semester, addressing the feedback given on each, and make it one coherent final. This means that you will be doing a lot of editing. You will have to rework sections of your papers. Some of you may have to add more to it, others will have to cut. Please attempt to make the 9-page minimum but do not exceed the 12-page maximum (I have to grade them all very quickly to submit your grades so I will not read past page 12).

Grading will be determined as follows:

Effort 7 points: Within page limits, absence of word count padding, solid number of citations, proper citations (chose one style and stick to it), student progress since the beginning of semester
Content 7 points: Engagement with readings used, use of reliable sources
Ideas/Analysis 10 points: original and critical thinking, well developed ideas, making strong connections between the reading and the topic at hand, exploration of ideas through a sociological lens
Structure 4 points: follows above outlined structure in a way that is fluid, well organized, and easy to follow
Style 2 points: Limited typos and grammatical errors, word choice, strong writers voice, etc.

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