childhood obesity and the consequences

The final paper will be the culmination of all your work! For this final part you will be expected to write a 10 page paper (double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins) that critically evaluates the topic youve chosen. Heres what I expect in this paper.
1) You need to have a clear introduction. In this introduction you have a couple of goals. You need to establish why the topic youre discussing is important and you need to provide a thesis statement (which may be more than one sentence). A thesis statement is basically a persuasion statement; it lets the reader know what position you are taking and what direction the paper will go in. Your introduction should also clearly lay out how the paper will develop. (e.g. In this paper I will first consider X, then discuss Y and then explore Z in relation to X and Y).

2) You need to have a well-developed, logically organized main body. This is the meat of the paper. This is where you lay out all your arguments, and keep in mind that the order arguments are presented matters. You should have a vision of where you want to end up with your paper and the body should develop logically in ways that hopefully bring the reader along easily. Also make sure to use paragraphs properly. Each paragraph should contain one central idea, not three or five or more.

3) Finally, you need to have a conclusion that summarizes your main points in a clear and concise way. This section should wrap things up quickly and clearly for the reader. In some cases, perhaps if the issue at hand is very challenging and doesnt have clear answers, you may want to include a few brief comments on what type of research you think is needed in the future to help clarify any remaining problems with your topic.

My topic is childhood obesity and the consequence it. My professor also wants a section/page on “how we got here” so like what caused childhood obesity to increase.

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