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1) Describe the structure of the global economy during the Silk road period as discussed in class. Be sure to describe how ideas, products, and innovations were transmitted during this period. (300 450 words)

2) Briefly describe the political and economic structure that laid the foundation for the manorial economy. Be sure to describe the nature of the manorial economy in medieval Europe.  (300 450 words)

3) According to class lectures what prompted Europeans to search for new routes to Asian markets. Be sure to describe how the discovery of the new routes positioned Europe for commercial growth. How did this transform the agrarian economy in Europe (300 450 words)

4) In what ways did the Dutch and English ideas about trade with Asia differ in form and structure from those of the Portuguese and the Spaniards? Be sure to describe in your answer the connection between the early modern European state and commercial expansion.  (300 450 words)

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