This is a follow-up case study after the one I assigned you one day before about the PBID, which I provide in the file for you to recover it (file ‘case study 1a’).

The followings are the requirements.

Read one submission each for the other two institutional types. For example, if you worked on a Business Improvement District, read a submission for a CDC and one for a local government EDA. I will assign you the other two readings.  Answer the following questions for each submission you read:
1. The name of the student whose submission you read, their institution, and the name of their organization.
2. Describe the differences and similarities in the organizational structure, mission statements/ objectives/goals, and approaches to CED between your institutions.
3. Identify the advantages and disadvantages that their institution has over your institution.
4. Drawing from their mission statements, goals and activities/projects, describe one project that the organizations each of you chose could collaborate on if they were serving the same community.
Put all your responses in a single document. You must include citations from the readings in APA style to back up any claims and arguments. The document should conform to 12 point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, single-spaced. There is no page minimum but your document should not exceed 5 pages. You will be graded on quality rather than quantity. Specifically, you will be graded on (1) whether and (2) how well you addressed the above objectives.

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