Causes and effects humans have on water pollution

This paper is hypothetical just as a final for one of my ecology classes. I need properly cited with no quoting from the articles only paraphrasing. I provided 5 articles from which you may use, however, if these articles are not sufficient to get you going you may get info from other sources if that suits you but it has to be scholarly, no Wikipedia cites. I also gave you my word doc that kind of explains a little more about what kind of research proposal I am “planning”. The paper will include five sections: I. Introduction a. This section of the paper is where you should describe your system or organism in great detail. What are the characteristic structures and functions? What environmental conditions are influential? b. This is the section where you will include your research question and your proposed hypotheses. c. Your introduction should set the stage for your experiment and provide the reader with a clear understanding of the topic, as well as the rationale for why the proposal is of importance to the field of ecology. II. Proposed Methods a. This section should be an explanation of the logistics of your experiment. How will you collect your data? Will there be any manipulations within a lab set up? How many trials will you run? b. In this section add in some potential problems that could arise when carrying out your experiment and ways to solve them. III. Planned Analysis a. This section describes the statistical analysis that will best fit the data to be collected. b. Consider the number of variables and the type of data you planned to collect. IV. Conclusion a. This section is where you will connect your planned study to science as a whole. Why is your research question important? How does it fit into other work being done in the scientific community? How will it further our understanding of your chosen organism or ecosystem. V. Literature Cites a. List all papers cited in the proposal b. Follow the citation style of the journal Ecology This needs to be between 4-5 pages single spaced with times new roman, font size 12. The citations can not count towards the page count. Thank, you so much!

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