Case Analysis – Microsoft Word

Analyze the case study in detail, reflect on key issues and provide recommendations.  Must justify your recommendations and support them by quantitative or qualitative proof points instead of simply giving my opinion. There parts for this essay are:

Structure (building blocks) of the letter:

Executive Summary: this is the first paragraph. State your recommendations (launch / dont launch) and the expected results of your recommendation (e.g., sales / profit projections or cost savings). This is your position statement.

Logic and Analysis: the next paragraphs shall be of analytical rigor and logic. In the main body of your letter summarize the main arguments and evidence for your recommendation. Both qualitative and quantitative points. You decide how many paragraphs constitute the main body of the letter, but you should develop at least three points in your analysis.

Conclusion: this is the concluding paragraph. State what the CEO/CMO should do and why. Suggest an action plan.

Tables/Exhibits: Feel free to include 1-3 tables and/or exhibits if they directly support your recommendation. Be descriptive and explicit with exhibits. If it is not obvious why you would include it, dont.

*****As this is a formal business letter, remember to start (Dear Mr X) and finish (Yours sincerely) the letter properly.
It is NOT required, but if you decide to use any external sources, all external sources used must be cited in text and listed on the reference page using APA referencing guidelines. The word count does not include references.

(I attached the case study)

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