Caribbean History

Write a story that describes a typical day in the life of a an enslaved woman in Jamaica.

Here are some questions to help you think about the things you should cover
What is the time period? When and where in the Caribbean?
What does the person looks like?
How do they dress? What language do they speak?
Where do they live? What does the environment look like? Rural/urban?
Is this person married or with someone? Do they have children?
Do they have an occupation? What skills do they have?
How do they interact with others? Do they have neighbors? Friends?
What do they eat? What do they drink?
You can answer these questions when describing the lived experience of your
historical figure. The more details you use, showing your knowledge of Caribbean
history, the better! You can embellish or make up details of the historical
figures everyday life, but those details must be consistent with how people
lived during that time, and it should be supported by cited works.
You can use internet sources, but make sure they are credible ones. Use a variety of
sources and cite them properly in MLA style. Please use in text citations properly.

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