car 300

This paper should 3 pages long and be free of all grammatical errors.

This paper should reflect the midpoint of your internship. How have you grown personally in this experience? How have your duties changed? Has this experience been what you thought it would be? Would you recommend this internship to anyone?

Consider answering the following questions in your papers.

answer the question based on an internship with a college learning center
checking in students
running study hall sessions for the althlieics Department
inputing student data
making sure the center is following all covid polices 

1. Is this experience meeting your expectations?  Be specific with examples of what you expected and what is actually happening.  What can you do to impact your experience for the remainder of the internship?

2.  How have your responsibilities changed since you first started?  Do you have more responsibility and autonomy now?  How were you able to gain more responsibility or why do you think it has not increased?

3.  What have you specifically done in the past few weeks to network for your future?  Reflect upon conversations youve had with supervisor or co-workers, meetings youve attended, connections youve made in the industry either in person or online, etc.

4.  How have you observed/experienced individuals from different demographic groups (male/female, different ages, sexual orientation, race, etc.) interacting with each other?

5.  You have just been made the CEO/President (top leader) of this organization.  Now that youre running the place, what would you change and why?

6. What about your internship is the most surprising to you (i.e., what did you least expect going into the experience) and what lesson(s) can you draw from this?

7.  What information and experiences could you take from your internship and share in the classroom?

8.  How would you describe the culture within your organization (ways in which co-workers interact or dont interact) and how does this fit with your ideal employer?

9.  What knowledge and skills did you gain during your internship and how do you plan on applying them in the future?  Would you recommend your internship to a friend (why or why not)?

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