Article Critique:  The article must be on a of ADULT end tidal CO2 (Capnography), Article used MUST be a research article from a REPUTABLE MEDICAL JOURNAL, such as Critical Care Medicine, Chest, etc. It must be within the last THREE years.

Research Topic: CAPNOGRAPHY

Format of Article Critique: Critique must be a summary of the article describing a CLINICAL RESEARCH STUDY; what was done, how it was done, and what were the outcome findings. Student must include one paragraph containing original thoughts concerning the article. This paragraph will contain your evaluation of how the research was done, if the findings are appropriate and specifics of how and why the findings are useful in clinical practice.

Assignment must be at least two word-processed pages (excluding title page), using 12- font, and standard margins. Correct spelling and grammar are required and will be factored in determining the grade. Bibliography of article source MUST be listed on a separate page.

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