Business Periodical

Business Periodical Reports:
Again, the goal of these business periodicals is to understand how concepts in the textbook relate to real-world phenomena.  Find a recent article (within the past 6 months) from the popular business press illustrating a topic in the reading. The instructor will post a list of potential press outlets on Blackboard.

These are individual written assignments (1 page, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins) to be typed, printed, and submitted on Blackboard when due, as noted on the schedule.  Posted on Blackboard, you’ll note a business periodicals document that will highlight both the structural requirements as well as the required content.  Please refer to this document for a better understanding what is requested.  Note the structure / template of the document, it is written in the manner that I request you submit your documents. 

Source of Information
What about the business periodical information?  That you have to go to the internet and find something.  I would recommend you simply start checking out articles in one of those sources provided on blackboard (Forbes, Business Week, etc) and once you settle on an interesting article, use it.  It’ll probably talk about some company, and will discuss an aspect of that company.  That aspect will relate to some part of the textbook.  Thats the content you want to identify and discuss in general terms.  More than likely, the textbook will identify some sort of framework that addresses that topic directly (Porter’s Five Forces, as an example of buyer’s power or suppliers’ power).  Then you want to apply that topic specifically to the company under focus as your third paragraph.

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