Business Law

Solve the following case studies in light of Law No.6 of the year 2010 CONCERNING LABOUR IN PRIVATE SECTOR

1. Deema owns and manages Babushka, a salon in Messila. She needs a hair stylist, so she advertises the position on Instagram. The position requires the stylist to wash, cut and colour hair. Hannah, aged 15, applies to this position and states that she capable of handling scissors and chemical products. Even though Hannah is a juvenile, Deema thinks she will be a good addition to Babushka. Advise Deema.

2. Noura, an employee of the local bank in Jabriya, is pregnant and wants to apply for her 70 days paid maternity leave. The bank rejects Nouras request, stating that she already used her annual leave; and that according to her employment contract, she is only entitled to 50 days maternity leave. Advise Noura.

3. Ahmad is an employee at a phone shop in Hawally. He has worked there for 2 years. He wants to use his annual leave. Abdelaziz, the shop owner states that according to Ahmads employment contract, he is entitled to 15 days annual leave, but he will only give Ahmad 10 days since he did not work for 2 days when he was sick. Advise Ahmad.

4. Jill, a British Veterinarian was working at an animal hospital in Ahmadi for a couple of months. She didnt like the environment there. Due to the probation period, Jill was able to leave and apply to Pets Animal Hospital (PAH) in Farwaniya where she believes she will be happier. PAH offer Jill a position but do not give her an employment contract. Jill, who is young, nave and fairly new to Kuwait, agrees to start her new job as soon possible. Jill has not signed an employment contract and does not speak Arabic. Advise Jill.

5. Reem owns Lady, a successful womens only gym in Salmiya. Reem is concerned about Anfal, one of her employees and an instructor at the gym. Anfal has an open contract with Lady. Lately, it has come to Reems attention that Anfal has missed at least 20 days of work this year. Advise Reem.

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