Business law

Hello and thank you very much in advance.

I have attached the assignment brief which is very clear and includes all the appropriate information.

All four questions must be answered. It is very important to note that the questions regard the UK LAW! The structure of the answers should be as follows:

1. Introduction: Identify the parties and issues at hand
2. Legislation: Determine any applicable statue
3. Case Law: Identify the relevant cases to support/underpin your answer
4. Remedies: Eg. Performance, contract, mitigation, awarding damages, for breach of contract.
5. Conclusion: Your final advice for which addresses both parties to the claim.

Please reaf carefully the case study and relevant statutory provisions which are included in the assignment brief.

The material you can use:

Westlaw Edge UK, Thomson Reuters
Introduction to business Law, Lucy Jones
Business Law, James Marson & Katy Ferris

Please use the above material and reference everything in HARVARD style. This is critical.

Also, pay close attention and use relevant cases of the UK Law to support your answer, it is also a very critical part of the report.

It is really important to note that the coursework regards the UK legislation. Thank you very much, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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