Business Ethics in Sports

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Reclassification in Sports
What is reclassification in sports? This a practice that has become more common in youth sports
throughout the country. Parents are now holding their child a grade back for
athletic purposes. Children are purposely getting held back a grade, not for academic or
medical reasons. Children are held back to gain a competitive edge on the
competition. Being a parent who has a child that participates in competitive
sports I came across a parent at my son’s football training who mentioned her
son will be reclassifying next year. Is reclassifying kids for any reason other
than academics considered cheating? Can it be beneficial to the kid’s athletic
success? These are things I will discuss in my paper.

A holdback can help a young kid out, if the kid is maturing at slow rate then the people in his
If your child is small and your parents are big, and the growth spurt is really slowing, maybe you
should consider.
A holdback is not that bad when speaking to parents. They hold their kids back so they can be on
an even playing field.
Is a 5th year senior a holdback?
Is going to prep school consider a holdback?
When is the right time to hold your child back?
If youre a holdback and your childs birthday comes late whats the point.
If you get held back and youre not the best player on the court at all times, can be detrimental to
your game.
A holdback can be a good and bad thing because you get held back once you go to college right?
That what a 5th year senior is?

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