Business Analysis

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How to Complete This Assignment:
Step 1: Calculate six financial ratios for the three companies provided. Use the financial
information and equations provided. Complete the table in the assignment template.
Step 2: Analyze the results and consider how this financial information would impact ones
willingness to purchase stock for each of the companies.
Step 3: Research the companies and/or industry involved. Consider what additional
information beyond financials would be useful to make an investment decision and
share insights. Consider finding information in news articles, industry reports, and
investor relations websites: Costco | Kroger | Walgreens.
Step 4: Write your submission including the following content.

Submission Guidelines
Submit the following to Blackboard:
Submit one Microsoft Word or PDF file.
1 cover page, 1 page typed math, 2 pages of writing and 1 references page.
11 point font with 1-inch side margins, double-spaced, Calibri font
Use standard business English and be formal in your writing style.
Include at least 2 references; use APA style citation. Make sure to cite all sources both
in the body of your paper and on the references page.
Provide typed financial ratios in table format
Provide additional information in paragraph format.

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