Only Word or PDF accepted (no image files). Please do not load any other types of files, as the system would not accept them.
Please ensure that you are loading your MOST-UPDATED file – not a previous draft or a different file – as you will not be able to re-submit.
Late submissions (after the 11:59pm deadline) will not be accepted.  No extensions.
Reflection requirements: You will write a 1 – Page double spaced response to the posted opinion/reflection question.  No late submissions of reflections will be accepted for any reason, as the assigned questions and content are available well in advance (no deferrals or make up opportunities for any excuse, including illness, absence, internet failure, etc. Note that reflections can be submitted in advance of the deadline to avoid any unexpected last-minute issues. You must submit an electronic copy via eClass turnitin by the assigned deadline.
1.    In your own words, explain what it means for business to be socially responsible. Consider the four levels of social responsibility in your answer

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