Review its various webpages and explore the available resources discussed. Click on links to any linked resources that look interesting or valuable. Explore the resources available – videos, guides, reports, etc.

Select one of those resources  the ONE that you feel is most helpful to parents of school age children (or their teachers) for addressing bullying. That resource must be a SPECIFIC item/resource, and not just be a webpage –  again, select a specific resource – a parent guide, video, training, article, or other resource (not a webpage)

Read/watch and absorb all you can about that resource and think about why it is such a valuable one.

Write a short essay –  3/4 to 1 page in length maximum (double spaced with 1″ margins, per APA), that describes the resource and explains why you believe it is such a great one – perhaps noting an example or two of aspects to it that especially stand out and would be helpful to parents or professionals who work with children. Defend your ideas by using information from text and the website about bullying – but no APA citations needed. and no title page

Use APA format in writing, but this is just an essay – so, again,  no title page and no references citations

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