Make an argumentative claim about the topic, and propose a solution that is actually plausible. Ongoing or global issues rarely have simple one-step solutions. Because of this, proposals can range from single-step solutions to help minimize a problem rather than solve it entirely, to multiple-step solutions that require continued support in the future to keep up with social changes, etc. (SLO 1 use texts to write argumentative essay on social issues focused on thesis statements, topic sentences, evidence, and integrated sources. SLO 2 analyze passages of texts that focus on social issues providing insightful analysis).
1. Describe, assess, and solve the issue through a synthesis of at least 5 or more sources 3 must be scholarly/academic, and 2 can be popular. You can of course use more.
2. Your solution will be briefly stated within the thesis, but the detailed solution will come after the issue has been sufficiently discussed, defined, explained, etc.

Annotated Bibliography
1. Choose 2 of your 5 mandatory sources and create an annotated bibliography.
2. Each MLA citation will have two paragraphs following it. The first paragraph is a summary of the source (about 5-6 sentences), and the second paragraph should explain how the source is used to support your essay (about 4-5 sentences). If it takes more sentences to write well-developed responses that provide enough context, then simply write more, as this is just an estimated suggestion.

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