Buisness plan project market memorandum

Opening: good business documents provides readers a smooth logical entry as they prepare to read more about what an author Has to present. Keep that in mind as you outline and again as you begin writing your assignment.

Body: once you have completed your opening look to divide your text into sections that cover the following topics. You should break your text up with subheadings or titles that announce or proceed your customers. One section should tell readers about your market what people or businesses that includes and where it is located. You will need as many details numbers and specifics here as you can gather. You need to cite sources throughout the text to indicate what size you are using and the name and the date of the publication where you found the material. Another section of your essay should tell readers your location of your market namely the neighborhood or area where you operate and where your customers are located here you should include information about where your market is what type of neighborhood or town it is found in and how many potential customers you will be having. You need specifics details numbers and explanations to make your point. A three section of your essay will need to examine the competitors hear you will tell the readers about what companies already service the market you have targeted you need to be very specific your text will need to include names address and numbers of locations.

Here are some things that readers need to know when your essay what people or businesses will be paying for your service or buying what you have to sell? Where are they in relation to the location where you plan to open shop and how many customers you will have when you open? Who is your competition? How many are there? What do they have to offer?

This is from me: I want my business to be a retail store that sells sneakers, clothes, and sporting goods. It will be located in New York.

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