Buildings will respond to their environment (Forever Living Products innovation concept)

The report is about an innovation in the company Forever Living Products

The innovation concept is by 2030 to construct all new production plants and warehouses for the company using new sources of energy, specific material for buildings, and recycled water. Green buildings will provide safety and healthy working conditions.

Report content:
1.    Introduction (100 words)
2.    Culture and People in Forever Living Products (100 words)
3.    Innovation reflection (100 words)
4.    Innovation Strategy (500 words). How does the proposed innovation fit and change the current organisational strategy?
5.    Conclusion (100 words)

Summary of the innovation for reference:.
The company will replace the fuel-based electricity generations. The factories are situated in areas with a lot of sun days. Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the factory and around to capture solar energy and produce electricity. The electricity will also be used to charge factory electric vehicles.
A considerable part of aloe leaves is discarded as waste. The company will use this organic waste to produce biogas. The leaf peels are chopped and stored into a tank, the oxygen is pulled out and the tank is heated to 37 degrees Celsius. Then anaerobic bacteria decompose biomass and create methane, which can be used as natural gas. The gas is burned in the engine and drives a generator to produce electricity for the factory.
Using leaf peels to create biogas is a significant innovation and takes part in the processing of aloe vera.
During production, a large amount of water is used in the factory. The waste water will be purified and reused further in the production process to wash the aloe plants from debris and soil. The treatment of water from impurities and biological waste is performed with the energy generated form biogas in the factory.
The green factory construction will use environment friendly building materials. For example, metal glass curtain walls are one of the possible solutions to provide an outer covering with significantly less use of reinforced steel bars and concrete.
Forever Living will use as much recycled materials as possible in their buildings. For instance, the metal glass curtain wall is easy reusable, which is crucial for sustainable development.
The company will provide high indoor air quality in workspace by controlling carbon dioxide gas levels with sensors. When the level is too high, the system automatically adjusts the ventilation rate to provide a decent workplace environment and increase productivity.
By 2030 all Forever Living factories will meet green standards and will not use fossil fuel energy to allow everyone to live in an environment that supports health.

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