Bryant Terry Final Project Outline


This assignment must be no longer than three pages double-spaced (no more than 500 to 750 words), using a Word format; PDF or other submissions will not receive feedback as they are not easily edited.

Writing assignments must be succinct discussions of the major themes and points of the assignment, avoiding regurgitation and repetition. They will utilize standard citation and reference guidelines. Please use Chicago Manual of Style:,

Use this assignment to start mapping out your final research presentation. Please answer the following questions, in 500 to 750 words:
What is the title of the research project?
Who is the central African diasporic figure that it profiles? (I want to write about Bryant Terry African American Vegan Chef)
What is the specific idea, theme, relationship about the individual and the African Diaspora you plan to explore?
Why is that important right now, in our current era of struggle against ant-Black ways of being?
How have other academics, artists, and/or activists have related to your idea or the relationship?
And what do their interests into the idea or relationship tell you about it?
How are viewers and readers to understand it?
What materials (types of images, personal knowledge, public or academic sources, texts, etc.)  will you use to visualize it and make it vivid for viewers?
What will you do make it a sincere and unique visual experience?
And then the speculative extension questions: How does this project connect to the readings and discussions that we have had in class so far? Which concepts from the readings, viewings, and lectures help us understand your research interest? What do you imagine will be the future of this project beyond the course? <- (for this question I added a few of the reading materials we went through in this course, so you can find something)

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