Assessed Essay Questions


This essay is intended to display the students ability to apply theoretical and applied learning through research and analysis. Students will be able to choose from one of 3 topics.

Students are expected to submit an academic essay of 2,500 words. Students should choose 1 of the questions below.

The essay is expected to include a thorough analysis and evaluation of academic theory, academic opinion and real examples related to their chosen question which leads to a firm conclusion. 

Students will need to access and read the core textbooks, academic journal articles and other relevant sources in order to answer their chosen question. At least 20 academic references are expected.


Choose ONE question from the options below:

Brand Heritage is vital to a brands survival. Discuss

The concept of Brand Loyalty is flawed and impossible to achieve. Discuss

Managing Brands Online inevitably leads to the dilution of brand image and identity. Discuss

Consumer Based Brand Equity and Financial Brand Valuation are two sides of the same coin. Discuss.

Marking Criteria:
Evidence of academic research including use of academic journals and key texts
40 marks

Discursive ability.

Appropriate level of analysis of the key academic theories, thoughts and

frameworks relevant to the chosen question

(40 marks)


Appropriate structure. Correct referencing. Compelling conclusions based on

thorough analysis and solid theoretical foundations.


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