Body Composition – Calipers, Bioimpedance, ADP, 3D Body Scan

What do we need to know about a particular outcome variable (Body Composition – Calipers, Bioimpedance, ADP,  3D Body Scan)  and how can it be measured? . Identify various ways to measure that variable/health outcome. Share any pros and cons about each measure. Try to find out any insider information about the measure so that we understand it a little more deeply.
-Do a Medline/PubMed search for published papers that discuss the measure (or
variable) and how it is defined/measured.
-Make sure to let us know if there are any differences in using either estimates or direct
measures of your biomarker/variable/measure. If your measures is an estimate, what
things affect the validity of that measure? (for example, if a person is fit, an
overweight BMI is not necessarily a reflection of body fatness or increased health
risks.) Are there specific ranges of values we should know about (for example: blood
glucose ranges, BMI cutoff points, etc.)

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