Black Panther

Film Choice: Black Panther

The introduction should include the following critical elements:

I. Cultural Relativism: Ensure that you practice using cultural relativism as you describe and write about your movie. You need to use respectful language,
avoid making judgments about the characters, and remain objective during your analysis. This is not a separate section of your paper, but will be evident
in how you write about your film.

II. Introduction: You will introduce your film and the three anthropological concepts you selected.

(Three anthropological concepts chosen: Enculturation, rites of passage & Modernization)

A. Provide the title and a brief synopsis of the film that you choose to examine. A brief synopsis is a summary of the major points of the film.

B. Develop a clear thesis statement that identifies the three anthropological core concepts that you chose to examine in the film. For this
milestone, the thesis statement should be in bold font or highlighted with a different color.

C. Explain how the three anthropological concepts are represented within your identified film.

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