Biological control for Water hyacinth

There is $ 160,000 available for research on the biology and non-chemical management of an important recently introduced weedy species in California (e.g. Carduus acanthoides, Cortaderia jubata, Lepidium latifolium, Myriophyllulm aquaticum, Peganum harmala, etc). Write a short proposal (Max 8 double spaced pages) for a three-year project. Research methods should be described in detail. 5-15 literature references (mainly for methods) are expected with at least 5 of the references to professional literature (not web pages!).

Title of proposal

Project summary (1/2 page)

Introduction: Background and justification (1-2 pages)

Proposed research: Main questions and/or hypotheses (1/2 page)

Methods: Detailed description with references to published complete descriptions of individual methods including statistical methods for data analysis (3-4 pages)

Time Table/Schedule (1/2 -1 page)

Literature cited (complete references look at journal like Weed Science, Weed Research, Journal of Applied Ecology, Biological Control, etc)

Budget (1/2 page)

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