Binge Eating Disorder

25 points
This written assignment is an opportunity for you to explore an area of Eating Disorders. It will help you to gain a better understanding of these disorders that seem to plague not only our younger population but now our older female population also. Muscle dysmorphia affects primarily males but can also occur in women.

Step 1: Pick 1 specific eating disorder from the list that follows:
Binge Eating Disorder

Step 2: After making your topic selection, research your topic. You will be required to cite at least 3 reliable references. Health information can come from books, reliable internet sources, journal articles from Pub Med / Pro-Quest. Each reference must be included in the works cited at the end of your paper.

Step 3: After researching your topic you will need to write a 4 page (not 3 or 3 pages), typewritten paper (1.5 spaced and 12 font). This does not include your works cited). You may use APA or MLA style to write your paper. Your paper should include all of the following but is not limited to:
-Defining the health topic, problem, or issue
-Statistical information
-A discussion of the cause(s) of your particular health topic
-Works cited

Step 4: Please make sure you follow all the criteria above to receive the full points possible. Plagiarism is not tolerated. You will be graded on content, spelling, and grammar. Please take the time to proofread your paper (not just spell check). Please turn your assignment in via email.

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