biblical perspective luke1-2

Biblical Perspective: Luke 1-2, 2 Corinthians 4
As we open the New Testament, we see in Luke that the promised offspring has finally arrived. Jesus is the blood sacrifice to cover the spiritual nakedness of his people; he is the eternal priest, prophet, and king. Jesus is the God-man who fulfills the law, the sacrificial system, and restores excellent relationships. In short, he makes right all that went wrong in the Garden. Yet, we see again a pattern of current provision mixed with future promise. Jesus kingdom is both one that has come, and is yet to fully come. There is a tension of the fulfilled now promises and those kingdom promises not yet fulfilled. There are many blessings Jesus kingdom brings now, but there are many that are not yet fulfilled. In fact, as a result of this now but not yet tension, God calls his people to the mission of proclaiming His covenant love to the world Seeking to live in the power of Jesus fulfilled promises, pointing people to the future fulfillment of those promises.

Exercise 4

Complete the Bible study at the end of Chapter 6 & Chapter 7 in Gods Big Picture. Submit your answers as a 1 page paper which uses the Bible Study questions as headers. Please submit by the due date posted using the link above.

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