behavior modification

Essays should be typed, double-spaced and a maximum of 3 pages each.

Discuss which learning principles may be used (or applied) to increase adaptive, effective and/or desirable behaviors that are currently deficits in a persons functioning.  Note that behaviors may include (a) physiological responses (for example, physiological responses that happen when someone is in fight-or-flight response); (b) cognitive responses (such as a persons thoughts or self-statements); and, overt, observable behaviors.

What might be the reason(s) for the behavioral deficits? What could you (as the behavior therapist) recommend/do to increase those deficits?

Refer to at least four (4) of the topic presentations as examples to illustrate your points.

topic presentations are – specific phobias, nail bittting, OCD, mood disorders, hair eating,  eating disorders ,

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