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Please also do an outline first then write the essay for my speech class so I may make a presentation about it.

For your first speech, you may use your Effective Speaker Paper and develop an informative speech on that speaker or you may choose any topic in which you ‘inform’ the audience on a subject of your choosing.

The Preparation Outline (Instructions and template attached) Outlining and Editing Your Speech-3.doc
Preparation Outline Template

  2. PowerPoint Presentation/Visuals

  3. Video Recording of Speech

The Preparation Outline: The preparation outline is to be completed in the proper format and according to the instructions attached and submitted via the submission process in Canvas by the due date. A template for the Preparation outline is also attached to aid you in completing your Preparation Outline.

If the Preparation Outline not submitted it will have a significant impact on your final speech grade.

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