Autoethnographic Research Assignment (Communicating about race and you)

TOPIC: Communicating about race and you

Assignment Description:
This research paper should engage the topics and focus of this course through an
autoethnographic research approach. Autoethnography is a type of qualitative research in which
the researcher uses self-reflection and writing to engage wider cultural, political, and social
meanings; in this case, the course material should be the focus of the larger social and political
All papers must include: Title, Abstract, Literature Review, Definition of Terms, the Authors
Autoethnographic Reflection, Exploration of the connecting Topic, Summary, Conclusion and
Reference Page. The paper must conform to APA style. Doubled Spaced. Standard research
paper margins. Papers should be 2,500- 3,000 words excluding abstract and reference page.
You will need to investigate LaGuardia library database and Google Scholar for peer-review
articles, books, documentaries, reports, etc. A minimum of five substantial sources must be
included with in-text citations and listed on the reference page at the end.

NB:I already have the part where I talk about my experience compare to my s/o experience

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